, Newburyport, MA

December 22, 2009

The Eagle-Tribune Santa Fund

Today's Date: December 22, 2009

Today's Total: $4,815.00

Total to Date: $108,949.90

Merry Christmas to my wonderful grandchildren, Timothy, Madeleine, Carly, Shanna, Lauryn and Lucas. I love you all so much. Love, Nana$5

To all my 68 nieces and nephews, a very Merry Christmas; a special 1st Christmas to Raegan Hudson 10/5/09. Love, Aunty$5

In loving memory of Frank and Dorothy Dolan, Frank and Eilleen O'Leary, and Oliver and Dorothy Schrumpf, from Colleen Dolan$25

Merry Christmas from the members of the Anna Jacques Hospital Microbiology Lab, Laurie Bouchard, Cathy Brunault, Amy Dumas, Barbara Fernald, Janet McBrien, Susan O'Halloran and Cathy Smith$25

Happy Holidays, from the Legare Family$50

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from Helene Pilch$50

Merry Christmas, from a friend$50

Bob and Christine Weston$50

From the Brush Family$50

In loving memory of Tom, Claire and Alan Hoyt. You are forever in our hearts, from Donna and Dave$50

In honor of "The Crew", from Jean Tearno$35

In memory of Dan, Willie, Doris, Viola and Dick. Merry Christmas, from William Tibert$100

In memory of Bob Allen, Sr. and Joseph B. Doherty, from Christopher and Sheryl Doherty$250

Gordon and Carla Hultstrom$50

In memory of Cassie, from Scaia Family$50

"Happy Holidays," from Chanchal P. Patel$100

In memory of my sisters Moira and Lizzy, from Therese Parsons$50

For Grammy whom we miss so very much. Love, Brennah Claire and "The Girls"$10

In memory of our wonderful parents, Claire and Donald Martin. Love, Brian, David and Dawn$10

Wishing everyone a healthy and safe Holiday Season, from Jennifer and John$10

Seasons Greeting! From Mike, Kim, Ryan, Kyle and Kelsey$100

Susan Enos$25

In loving memory of my brother Donald Roszak, his wife Carol, and daughter Dawn Marie, memories of Christmas past will keep you with me always, from Gloria$100

For my mom and dad, Shirley Gauron and Richard Gauron, miss you, from Sue Gilchrist$25

Sherrill Davis$125

In memory of Gramps, from Bill and Michael$25

In memory of Papa Charlie, from Rachel and Matthew$25

Merry Christmas from Henry$10

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends and relatives, from Ed and Susan Ratyna$25

In loving memory of my husband, Frederick A. O'Brien, from Geraldine O'Brien$25

Merry Christmas, from Mat, Susan and John Nolan$10

In memory of Bill and Ethel McMurray, from Bill and Dot McMurray$25

In memory of Sam Piazza and Harry DeFusco, from family$50

Thanks to the Dennis M. Sughrue Scholarship committee. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!$500

In loving memory of my husband, George, from Dot B.$10

Merry Christmas, from Dan and Kyle Morin$20

In memory of my parents Fred and Rita Theberge. Bless all those away from home! From Don, Sylvia and the girls$20

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Cheryl Kopec$25


In memory of Dennis George, Merry Christmas,, Dad, from your son$25

In lieu of Christmas, we make this donation on behalf of all of our friends and family members. Merry Christmas, from Michael and Diana Carter$25

In memory of our loved ones, from Dick and Bonnie Bourdelais$50

Merry Christmas to all, from the Gilmore family$150

Peace on Earth! From Tracy L. Ward$20

My husband Pierre (Pete) Masse, and my parents Alexina and Albani Marsan, by wife and daughter Pauline Masse$10

In memory of Rose Milne and Sally Garrod, from Christina Duke$25

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Duke, Jr.$25

Merry Christmas! From Jack, Chris, Jake and Molly$50

In loving memory of Arthur J. Robidoux sadly missed by wife "Mimi" and family$50

In memory of our little angel, Teresa R. Loiacono, from Mom and Dad and sisters$50

In loving memory of my husband John, you were a gift, my darling. Love, Sharon, I miss you!$25

In lieu of Christmas cards and in memory of my beloved husband Hugo, who is missed very much by me and his family, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I wish every one a Happy, Healthy and Prosporous New Year, from Sophie Gardella$25

John and Kathleen Kinsky$10

In loving memory of my husband, Albert Speechley, my parents Rita and Sam Traina, Fernand Morin, Mary Speechley, my brother-in-law Neal Donovan, my friend James Hannagan. I miss you all, from Jacqueline Speechley$25

William and Cynthia Hendy$20

In memory of Hector and Agnes Lefebvre, from Robert Lefebvre$25

Happy Holidays to all, from the Comprehensive Grammar School kitchen staff$50


In memory of Jerome W. Cross, from Ethel B. Cross$100

J. and J. Singleton$100

In memory of Ralph Prescott, by Cami and Vern Young$20

In loving memory of my father and mother, Joseph and Mary Buglione, brother and sister-in-law, Elena Buglione, sister Madeline and brother-in-law Larry Peretti, nephew Ronald Buglione, and nephew Michael Chahanovich, from Nancy DiSalvo$10

In memory of my friend Ida Dell'Ova, from Nancy DiSalvo$5

In loving memory of my dear friend, Clare Peterson, from Gail Winning$25

Tracy Bunker$25

In memory of a dear friend Marge Gogjian, from Bette Bilodeau$15

From the Jeffrey Nelson Family, Bradford, Mass. In memory of Fred Nelson, Richard Nelson, Ed Gushue and Stephen Gushue.$50

In memory of Petra Beer and Barbara Beer, from Thomas Beer$100

Silver Hill Sunshine Fund$200

"In memory of Alice M. DeAdder" from JM$15

In loving memory of our fathers, Stephen Ciofolo and Alphonse Camasso, from Bill, Camille and Julia$20

In loving memory of Stephen Ciofolo, from wife Grace$25

In memory of my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Goller and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph C. Kuehn, from their grandson, Jeffrey F. Kuehn$25

Quentin Migliori Sr. and Quentin Migliori Jr. "Miss you both so much." From wife Mary and Mother$25

Antonio and James DeMatteo, thinking of you, from sister Mary$25

Paul and Chris Bird, "Two special people," from Aunt Mary$25

Gina, Tina and Brandi Feole, "Love you so much," from Aunt Mary$25

Merry Christmas to family and friends, from John and Charlotte Mosto$35

In memory of Sandy Beaulieu, Diane, Dave and Dennis Pellerin, from LGH Pediatrics$75

Remembering your generosity, Auntie Fio. Love, Jim, Eileen, Julia and Emily$25

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to family and friends, from Alice and Michael Zraket$150

In memory of Jack Reilly, Mary Jo Quinlan and Susan Szum, from Brogan$500

Paula and Bill Desmarais$100