To the editor:

We should applaud Bruce Vogel for resigning from the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce as reported by The Daily News on Monday.

He is the owner of three businesses in Newburyport, and also a city councilor at large elected by individual resident voters of Newburyport.

Chambers of commerce are associations of businessmen and businesswomen designed to promote and protect the interests of members’ businesses, and promote business activity in a town, city or region. Business owners form them to advocate on behalf of the business community.

Our city charter assigns the legislative powers of the city to the City Council. I am puzzled by the lack of any restriction in the city charter prohibiting an elected city councilor from also being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, an organization that attempts to influence legislative decisions, rules or regulations favorable to business interests. Perhaps Councilor Vogel can correct this matter.

Ed Anderson


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