To the editor:

Have you heard about the International Baccalaureate? The International Baccalaureate (IB) program was created in 1968 to provide a quality education for the children of European diplomats who weren't living in their home countries.

The European version of IB is aligned with the United Nations (UNESCO) to produce a One World Class Order curriculum. Presently, there are approximately 1,300 IB Schools in America today.

It is a very expensive curriculum with entry fees, student fees, test fees and teacher-training charges. Costs can range from $10,000 to over $20,000 a year per school. And there is no empirical evidence that IB outperforms Advanced Placement classes.

The IB curriculum promotes some of the following: a Judeo Christian view of the world; world/global citizenship; no one political philosophy is right; no one country is superior to another; a de facto global curriculum (parents/teachers have little to no say); everything taught must have a universal importance; different values and ideas contrary to the US Constitution; and a belief that student minds can eventually be shaped to embrace globalism/socialism rather than capitalism.

The IB curriculum makes no mention of the advantages of a constitutional republic. In fact, there is little to no mention of American history, American literature, American culture, American religions or our American system of government. IB curriculum tenets create a political ideology to: Eliminate the death penalty (still controversial in the United States); restrict guns to military and police (worked really well for Nazi Germany); consider global warming as settled science (still debated in United States); protect the environment through regulation (we have been overregulated for eight years); to disarm all nuclear armaments (great idea if all humans were perfect); protect endangered species (what about the babies killed by Planned Parenthood?); encourage wealth distribution (graduate from high school, get a job and do not have a baby before you get married and you will acquire wealth); and "New Age" (Earth worship).

So, what spiritual beliefs are developed? By design, Earth worship should replace any belief in a divine being. They envision for the religions of the world "a major transformation from their theological and anthropological phase to their ecological and cosmological phase."

Following one of the major themes of the New Age movement, humanity is spiritually evolving from being worshipers of God to becoming gods ourselves.

This curriculum has a political ideology that is like a wolf dressed in a sheep’s clothing. We already have our college kids exposed to anti-American propaganda in classrooms across the country. Do we really need a project head start for hating America? History that is layered in truth talks about everything that is wonderful about our country but should also include the mistakes we have made over the years. And have we learned from our mistakes or do we continue to make them and why? That seems to be a balanced approach!

Taxpayers are footing the bill for this curriculum so this is a buyer beware!

Dick Hodges

Union Street


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