To the editor:

Separation of powers is a basic tenet of our democracy but it does not mean that the various branches of government operate with complete disregard for the others.

I am sure it was in this vein that Councilor Bruce Vogel made his proposal that certain council actions be reviewed by the "appropriate department" before they are voted on. Vogel's proposal was not to give the departments veto power over actions the City Council would be considering but rather a chance to provide input on the issue.

I'm not sure why having more information on an issue would be a bad thing but we do now live in an era when facts seem to be less relevant every day.

Good government requires both transparency and a commitment to examine the facts before decisions are made. I don't know Councilor Vogel but I respect what he was trying to do and am concerned that rather than try to address what they thought were shortcomings in his proposal, others simply sought to attack him.

Patricia Torkildson

Prospect Street



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