, Newburyport, MA

July 1, 2013

Getting in the mood for Yankee Homecoming

As I See It
Ralph Ayers

---- — Well, what da ya know! It’s July already, and I just got through putting my long underwear away for the season.

Let’s see, what happens in July I should be aware of? Oh yes, I remember, it’s Yankee Homecoming time, and we’ll be kicking off our 56th year. How about that! Since I’ve hung up my gloves after many years, all I have now are my memories, and rather than share them with you, I’ve decided to do a quiz to see if your memory is as good as mine. The answers to this quiz can be found somewhere in this edition, so you won’t have to wait till next month to see how good your memory is.

Get ready, and off we go.

1. How many chairpersons has YH had?

2. How many mayors have chaired YH?

3. How many chairpersons were females?

4. Where was the first Opening Ceremonies held? (be careful with this one).

5. Who is considered the first town crier?

6. Where is the YH monument located?

7. Whose name is on the monument?

8. Who are the two Newburyporters who started the Jimmy Day Parade?

9. Who was the original Old-Fashioned Sunday handtub master named after?

10. Where did the original YH marathon race commence?

11. Who sponsored the original YH marathon?

12. What marathon celebrity ran in the 1963 race?

13. Who was the YH chairperson who prohibited parking on High Street for the YH parade?

14. Who was the oldest, in terms of volunteering, in YH Week?

15. Who played the part of George Washington in the historical pageant back in the ‘60s?

16. What chairperson created the penny candy store at Old-Fashioned Sunday?

17. Name the three chairpersons who chaired YH 50th anniversary.

18. What chairperson is credited with having the most rain?

19. Who chaired the antique car exhibit and parade for 25 years?

20. Who was the idiot who had the idea to do a trivia?

OK, I didn’t say these questions would be easy, and I hope all of you do not check the answers the same time you read the questions. Most of all, good luck. May I also wish our 2013 chairperson, Tammy Jennings, a successful week, along with all the great volunteers that make it happen.


Ralph Ayers of Newburyport calls himself a “local yokel.”


Yankee Homecoming quiz answers:

1.55 2. Zabriske, Lawler 3. 15 4. City hall steps 5. Joe Rochette 6. Waterfront Park 7. Joe Rochette 8. Sammy Howard 9. Edgar Brown 10. YMCA Steps 11. Newburyport Jaycees 12. Johnny Kelly 13. Jack Bradshaw 14. Me 15. Josiah Welch 16. Shirley Lattime 17. Luke, Judy, Jason Lacroix 18. Richie Eaton 19. Benny Richards 20. Me