, Newburyport, MA

July 1, 2013

Darkness is destroying this country

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

The following concerned comments due to the recent double decisions of the Supreme Court on the oxymoronic term “gay marriage” are based on the following three truths: 1. The living true and only God revealed in the Holy Bible, creation, conscience and preeminently in the biblical Lord Jesus Christ cannot lie. 2. The Holy Bible, which is this one God’s only infallible and inerrant written word, cannot lie. 3. The Holy Bible clearly defines what a marriage is and what is perverse, sinful and an abomination.

Therefore, regardless of what these misguided men and women have decided, it does not change what the oxymoronic term “gay marriage” is a clear display of. It is a clear display of the sin that only the Lord Jesus Christ is capable of saving any of us from.

Their majority opinion clearly opposing the clarity of the Holy Bible on this subject clearly displays four things: 1. These men and women have no love for the truth of the Bible. 2. These men and women have no love for this country. 3. These men and women have no love for their own souls. 4. These men and women have no love for those who now foolishly believe that their sin is now protected by law.

Such misguided men and women in such places of power show how much these country needs the prayer of the prophet Habakkuk: “Lord ... in wrath remember mercy.”

But if the above was not enough to sober any right-thinking person to the times in which we are living in this country, this sobriety is further increased by how diluted the role of the visible church has become in this country to being salt and light, as seen by how many pseudo churches are praising these decisions! The dark robes of these men and women are a display of the darkness that is destroying this country unless God is pleased, in His free and sovereign grace, to send true revival.

Ron Johnson, Pastor

Grace Reformed Baptist Church