, Newburyport, MA

May 2, 2013

Terrorists can't take away our freedom

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I hope the cowardly malcontents have been watching TV the last few days. I hope they have seen, as I have, the results of their attempts to spread fear and terror, by killing and injuring American citizens, while running to safety from their crime.

I hope they have seen the blood-covered citizen, holding the blood-stained American flag, whose first response was to rush into danger to carry a grievously injured person to safety.

I hope they have seen the police and all the other citizen first responders at Boston’s Patriots Day Marathon, rush into that same danger to treat the injured and bring them to medical tents. I wish they could have seen inside those tents to watch the nurses and volunteers struggle to save as many as they could.

I hope they can remember the hundreds of brave New York firemen rushing into the flaming, crumbling Twin Towers to rescue people they didn’t even know.

I hope they have seen the comparison and sympathy that Americans have shown, the many gatherings of prayer, the candlelight vigils for the victims of their crimes. Then maybe they will understand, as I do, what makes America the greatest country in the world. How this country with all its many races, nationalities and religions has been able to put its politics aside and pull together as one, whenever our humanity, our freedoms are threatened.

Maybe they will finally understand they can never take from us the one thing that makes this country the greatest: Americans are free.

Steve Nyman