, Newburyport, MA

February 14, 2014

Parents should seek their own solution

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I found the article in The Daily News, “School officials to seek ‘best solution’ for bus schedule,” quite interesting; after all, I have kids who are in the school system. Over the years my husband and I and many other parents have risen to the challenge of making sure our children arrive to school safely and on time. My husband and I have had to rely on neighbors, family, friends and crazy carpools to get our children to and from school, but in the end it all worked and our children were safe.

I find it disturbing that a few parents have formed a “group” to deal with their issue of the new arrival and dismissal times. This “group” is asking our school officials to redo the newly developed arrival and dismissal plan to one that is going to meet their schedules and needs, or so it seems. They’re asking our school officials to spend their valuable time and redo a plan that has been put into place. Shouldn’t parents respect the times offered, seek the best solution for their family and plan accordingly? How is this group any different from any other parent who has been asked to do the same? Why are we asking our school officials to redo times for a few who are seemingly inconvenienced? I hope our school officials consider this before they go back to the “drawing board.”

Our school administrators and educators more often than not go above and beyond every day to ensure the safety of our children. Please let them do their job, and you do yours: Rise up to the challenge and put a plan in place for your children according to the schedule that is put forth by our trusted school officials. You have seven months to do this, which is more time than most communities would get from their school officials.

Kristen Rogers