, Newburyport, MA

November 9, 2012

Others took over NH elections

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

After standing at the polls in the Granite State for nearly 12 hours yesterday, the same pattern recurred as we’ve seen in other elections. While public employees took paid days off to hold Hassan and Shea-Porter signs, countless cars with Obama bumper stickers and out-of-state plates showed up at the polling places. Drivers walked in who were not recognized by anyone, walking into the voting place to vote in our election.

Yes, New Hampshire is a swing voting state, but we are also the “Live Free or Die” state. We value our constitutional rights and freedoms very highly and have some of the highest levels of political involvement in the country. New Hampshire has a very different culture from other New England states, and many people have moved here from all over the Northeast to escape high taxes, red tape and intrusive government.

When Democratic voters come up here for the general elections and presidential primaries, most continue down the list and vote for Democratic legislators and county officials. Some of those who throw their name in as Democratic candidates know little about public policy or economics, others are fighting a war in their own minds and act as though the ends justify the means. A few New Hampshire Dems are, frankly, off their meds.

We respect your right to elect the officials you have in Massachusetts state government, even though most of us don’t agree with the “Taxachusetts” approach. Please respect the fact that we in New Hampshire pay property taxes, live, raise kids, retire and own businesses here, and that we have the right to elect our own representatives.