, Newburyport, MA


February 15, 2011

Where's GOP concern for US workers?

To the editor:

Just in case you thought that Taylor Armerding (in his Feb. 12 column) and Republicans in general, were concerned about American working people by their call for "jobs, jobs, jobs," Armerding put that notion to rest.

He suggests that the federal minimum wage law be eliminated and that the free market determine that wage, which he feels could be $7 per hour rather than $8 and therefore create more jobs. But why stop there? Just think how many jobs could be created if minimum wages fell to $5 or even $3. And, as he implies, if we cut back or eliminate paid sick days and some paid time off for personal needs, employers would be able to hire more workers.

Republicans, expressing concern for the American worker, would cut the funding of the EPA and repeal the health care law — they feel these are "job-killing." Somehow, their logic says that living with polluted air and water and not having access to adequate health care will preserve jobs.

Ironically, back in the 19th century there was a president whom the Republicans boast as their own, who was the biggest "job-killer" of all time — Lincoln. By signing the Emancipation Proclamation, he destroyed millions of jobs with the stroke of a pen. How's that for "job-killing"!

Alfred Moskowitz


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