, Newburyport, MA

January 10, 2014

N-plant advocacy groups have your backs

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

No More Fukushimas thanks several advocacy groups for standing up for safety at the recent Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meeting and challenging the NRC’s cheerleading for continued operation of the Seabrook plant.

First, Newburyport-based C-10 Research & Education Foundation — the hometown crew — has been protecting us from NextEra’s fatally flawed study of the concrete degradation known as alkali-silica reaction or ASR that affects the Seabrook’s plant foundation. C-10’s Deb Grinnell and executive director Sandra Gavutis have worked tirelessly analyzing NRC, scientific and other documents. They have developed an overwhelming case against the plant’s continued operation — based on scientific facts rather than sensationalism.

Second, the New Hampshire-based Seacoast Antipollution League has not only expressed concern about ASR but brought forth documented concerns that flooding is projected to surge onto the Seabrook campus during the relicensing period, possibly rendering the plant inoperable. Our thanks to SAPL director Doug Bogen for spotlighting the susceptibility of Seabrook to flooding.

We also are indebted to the Cambridge-based Union of Concerned Scientists — one of our nation’s most renowned scientific advocacy groups. UCS is pouring time, money and energy into raising scientific and technical concerns about concrete degradation at Seabrook. David Wright, co-director of UCS’s Global Security Program, has spoken and written about ASR. His concerns can be found at

The fact that UCS has stepped up on Seabrook is a clear indicator of UCS’ level of concern. There are 100 nuclear reactors upon which they could focus, but Seabrook is the reactor that they have made a major target. This means we are really, really at risk at Seabrook.

No More Fukushimas hopes that you will thank, support, and donate to each of these amazing groups.

No More Fukushimas deserves a shout-out too! We need no financial support. But, we need people to voice their concerns to their elected officials — at all levels. Let them know that you want them to stand up to the NRC and the Seabrook plant which is putting lives, property , and businesses at risk.

May all have a happy and Seabrook plant-free New Year!

Philip Hurzeler


For No More Fukushimas