, Newburyport, MA

November 18, 2013

Sullivan inspires call to action

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Election season is over and the voters of Newburyport have spoken for now. I was fortunate to have the privilege to be involved in the Sullivan for Mayor campaign and enjoyed the experience immensely. Mayor Donna Holaday is an excellent person and I congratulate her on her re-election. We should all take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are as Americans to have the ability to vote in such a democratic process. I truly appreciate it.

Dick Sullivan took his message to the people door to door, wearing out two pairs of shoes and dropping 20 pounds in the process, but he did much more than this. He held the office of mayor to a higher standard and he put the NRA on notice. The majority of people wish to have the waterfront land, that is so precious to the citizens of Newburyport, remain open. Dick Sullivan may have lost the last debate, but he forced the current administration to change its position.

In government, the will of the few is often imposed on the will of the many. We have begun to see in this country a push-back against the very government that tries to instill its will upon us. It is no different here in Newburyport than in Washington, only on a much smaller scale. Eventually, something will happen on the waterfront and some people will not be happy; it is impossible to please everyone. I believe Dick Sullivan has put this issue on center stage; now it will be up to the people to push back.

Regardless of the election results, the NRA’s days are numbered and we owe it to ourselves to bring this issue to its end. I feel a debt of gratitude to Dick Sullivan for putting it all on the line to make us so much more aware of it. Please don’t sit by idly and let the call to action pass by.

Robert A. Germinara