, Newburyport, MA

April 4, 2014

Morris best, most informed health director

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Reading in the Newburyport News (March 16) about the shouting match that took place between Salisbury health director Jack Morris and the Salisbury Board of Health last June 4 brought back memories of my own experiences. I know well the frustration that Mr. Morris is experiencing.

Jack Morris is the best and most informed health director that I have known in my 28 years in the field.

While I respect and appreciate that the board members are volunteers, giving freely of their time, it is imperative that they learn what the priorities are and how enforcement must be carried out fairly. The town has not had a history of good and fair enforcement.

When I was Salisbury’s interim health officer, the board didn’t understand that there were more important priorities than chasing dust or doing poison ivy patrol on Beach Road and Northend Boulevard. Fire safety at the beach and food-borne problems at local eateries come to mind.

Some members of the Board of Health had enemy lists and friends lists. They seemed to consider the health department as a means to punish the one and help the other.

David Madden