, Newburyport, MA

June 24, 2013

The blessing of trees

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

In May, I went to bed one night noting that the bare limbs on the tree in the yard had little birds on them, and when I went out the next afternoon the tree was full of wonderful leaves throwing patches of shade across the grass. What a miracle!

How pleasant it is to put your lawn chair under the shade of a tree and have lunch, read a book, visit with friends and enjoy the fresh air and sun. Sometimes a breeze will come by with the scent of flowers in the air — what a delight. Have you ever had to walk somewhere on a real hot, uncomfortable day and then had the good fortune to walk under a row of trees lining the sidewalk and felt the sudden welcome coolness? It’s a blessing.

Trees provide shelter for the birds that sing and twitter away. There are all kinds of beautiful trees of different shapes and sizes to study and admire. Maple trees give us syrup for our pancakes. In the winter logs provide warmth for our fireplaces as we sit staring into the dancing flames that bring on dreams. As a child growing up I would get on my bike and pedal to a grove of pine trees and sit on all the smooth pine needles, feeling them with my fingers and smelling the pines. I’d just sit there and look up at the blue sky and puffy white clouds and feel like I was part of it all.

Trees are the lungs of the earth and serve us in so many ways. So let us all praise and appreciate the trees.

Beverly Brown