, Newburyport, MA

February 22, 2013

Upper Green no place for trash tower

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I moved to Newbury two and one half years ago because of its refreshingly simple, yet self-reliant way of life. Its rugged beauty, uncluttered in contrast with many other already too-busy and exploited suburbs, was intriguing. Unlike what supporters of the trash tower may believe, I do not look at Newbury as old-fashioned; I look at it as wise and cautious in its decisions and a respite from a lot of clutter in other areas.

If it is solely for the sake of aesthetics that the trash tower be turned down, that’s fine with me. I would like Carol Baum to think about visual arts in harmony with their surrounding and their community. This project should not be a statement from one person only. Why would anyone even think of turning the beautiful Upper Green into an arresting statement when everything about it displays a strong tie with a community ethos, a pretty, central, pleasant area to just “be.” If Carol Baum can think of a solution to rid the Upper Green of the Canada geese, then I might consider supporting her, but to erect a 12-foot trash tower on the Green is ludicrous, at the least.

I am not sure where she sees all the trash that she collects in her daily walks. I walk 5 to 6 miles three times each week and I never see much trash at all. I agree with the selectmen that perhaps an electronic signboard would be helpful to announce town events and I, likewise, agree with Joe Storey that the posters, etc. that are placed alongside the Green can be very unsightly. So, yes, we should think of a solution to these dilemmas — one that is based in common sense and respect for Newbury’s uniqueness. Let’s remember why we live in Newbury ... and not Cambridge.

Claire Dix