, Newburyport, MA

February 18, 2013

Building on waterfront is sheer folly

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I was encouraged reading two recent Daily News articles concerning the rising sea level: “Group directs focus at rising sea level” (Jan. 23) and “Sea levels rise; It’s real” by John Harwood (Jan. 30). In his piece, Harwood noted the debris the tide left at the boat landing ramp beside the Black Cow. Moving from his observation, we can connect the dots between the articles and NRA’s plan to build on the waterfront.

The NRA and its supporters fail to grasp the fact of rising sea level as well as the terrible destruction wrought by Sandy. They have to be placed in the camp of climate change deniers.

We and our fellows around the globe live in the century of climate change. We deny it at our peril. We must yield to Mother Nature, not deny her.

Rising sea level is just one result of climate change, but it is the one of uppermost concern to people living in towns and cities subject to coastal flooding. Newburyport is one such place. Thus, the plan to build on the waterfront is totally wrong-headed. Indeed, it is sheer folly.

It’s always tempting to turn away from hard truths. Climate change is that kind of truth. Instead of turning away from it, we need to turn to each other and together, address the serous challenge of climate change.

Gene Sullivan