, Newburyport, MA

September 27, 2013

A wake-up call is afoot

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

We are a century into this campaign to change our republic into a socialist system. We all look back on the 1930s and wonder how the German people could have allowed Hitler to do the damage he did by disarming the people and promising prosperity in a system that has never worked. We have the same game plan being implemented in our nation.

It appears there is a wake-up call afoot. Our media makes every effort to ignore it, but they can’t overcome the Internet. The million Muslim march on D.C. was much publicized, but the fact that our bikers totally overwhelmed their effort was mostly ignored. I’ve always maintained that there would be some event that would serve as a wake-up call to the people. The Tea Party had some influence, The Occupy Wall Street seems to be fading away. Now comes notice from our truckers that they are planning a three-day strike to challenge those who have betrayed us. Here is our chance to stand up for America by support of their effort.

If they are in fact successful, it will be a clear indication of what we are facing if we allow our current leaders to lead us over the financial cliff they always choose to ignore. We are always being told that our leaders are working hard to address our problems, but the other party is at fault for lack of progress.The real problem is we have no leaders representing us, only followers of their party line and the wishes of their handlers who they are beholden to. There is no money in solving our problems and our government is all about stealing as much money from the public as possible for themselves and their elitist overseers.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but we need those who understand that we are on the wrong track to stand up support this trucker event Oct. 11-13. It could be the return of power to we the people.

Brendan Kelly