, Newburyport, MA

October 12, 2012

Port is a dangerous place to drive

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

It seems as though everyday I encounter yet another dangerous and potential accident experience in this city.

This morning (Oct. 1) I was driving down Merrimac Street when a man at the bottom of Green Street pulled out and narrowly missed hitting the rear quarter panel of my car. I had to swerve to avoid him and in doing so narrowly missed an open tailgate of a truck parked on the corner at 44 Merrimac St.

A week ago while driving home to Bromfield Street, a man pulled out of the bottom of Federal Street and instead of taking a left onto Water Street, he headed to the other side of Water Street as if he were going straight ahead. Almost plowed right into him.

The rotary on State Street continues to be an everyday accident waiting to happen. The majority of the cars and trucks are driving at least 50 to 60 mph on Route 1 when they reach the rotary, but they don’t yield, mainly because they don’t care. If the police parked in an unmarked car at the circle, they would issue tickets nearly all day long.

When I try to pull out onto Federal Street from Atwood, School and Prospect, people park their huge SUV’s and pickup trucks at the corner of these streets and I cannot see if any cars are coming in either direction on Federal Street itself. Very difficult to pull out and hope that I won’t get hit.

The Gillis Bridge with its intersection is an accident just waiting to happen. It’s similar to playing Russian Roulette and is a guessing game as to who is going to make the first move. Lights should positively be put up at the bottom of Summer Street and at the bottom of Route 1/Gillis Bridge.

Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days while driving. If I am on an unpaved or torn-up street such as Plummer Avenue or Jefferson Street, just to name a couple, I try to go slow, but there is always someone right on my rear that’s in a hurry to get to wherever it is that they are going, so i just pull over and let them by rather than ruin my shocks, springs, etc. People just need to slow down.

I also want to add that between the joggers, people who ride their bicycles and for those people who walk down the middle of the street or push their strollers down the middle of the street, they should use the sidewalks that are safe, if possible.

Larry Giantonio