, Newburyport, MA

October 23, 2012

No NH PTV for Comcast subscribers

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

This weekend I was down with a cold and spent more time in front of the TV than I usually do.

Upon scrolling through the listing on my Comcast cable, I noticed that channel 11 was gone. I even tried typing it in directly and still, it jumped to something other than 11.

I decided to send an email to Comcast and they said a reply would be sent within 24 hours. As promised, it was, to their credit.

However, the answer disturbed me. Apparently, Comcast has recently made an agreement with NH PTV and WGBH to only carry the channels in their respective states. The email went on how they try to serve the community, etc., etc.

What I don’t like is that they made this choice for us. We were not told we could choose which of these we’d like.

Granted, they carry many of the same programs that PBS in general produces, such as “Antiques Roadshow.” However, many of the locally produced shows are only carried in that area.

Living in Newburyport so close to the New Hampshire line, I find more interesting programs on channel 11 than WGBH. I rarely head to Boston and find more in common with the Granite State.

I know if I had been one of the donors for NH PTV, I’d be very upset right now.

I guess with hundreds of channels on our cable, there’s not enough room for channel 11.

Bill Hallett