, Newburyport, MA

October 23, 2012

Lies, more lies and polls

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I keep hearing polls stating this year’s presidential election race is too close to call and in a state of daily fluctuation on whom the projected winners and losers will be. It’s as if the entire population of voters who actually do go out and vote on election day were changing opinions on the candidates they intend to vote for Nov. 6 based upon what is heard by them from the news on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, even minute-to-minute basis. Like most voters are still undecided.

Poppycock! Everyone I know who is a guaranteed voter has clearly made up their mind on the candidates and party they intend to cast their vote for. And that they have solidly known their choice of candidates for the last year to boot. I know of no undecided voters in my large sphere of politically active friends and acquaintances. For tea party right to dyed in blue liberals and all in between, no candidate or surprise happening between now and election day is remotely going to change their minds. Sierra Club environmentalists, feminists and gays, for example, are not going to allow happenings over the next three weeks to cause them to change from voting for Obama because of anything said or done between now and their arrival at the voting booth to make them change their minds and vote for Romney any more than new speeches or events could make Sarah Palin vote for Obama and the Democrats. Period.

So who exactly are these Independents (Unenrolled in Massachusetts) who have still not made up their all-important minds with the election a mere three weeks away? Well, to paraphrase Jim Hightower of Texas, the only thing in the middle of the road are white stripes and road kill. The polarization between parties and their agendas could not possibly be any clearer. What are the alleged undecided possibly waiting to hear at this late hour that they have not repeatedly heard during the last year of endless GOP/TP primary debates or seen in the actions of the Obama administration over the last four years? Nada. Any new good points scored in debates or advertising, even bloopers made by their candidates, are only preaching to their choirs of believers and allowing mistakes by their men of choice appear as caused by media bias.

I believe that the outcome of this election has less than nothing to do with debates, advertising or other happenings between now and election day. The one who wins is simply the party who can get the most of their already promised registered voters to the polls on time, fill out absentee ballots or vote early where allowed. Which, obviously, looks like a Democrat landslide in the making. I’ll bet $10,000 of my own Monopoly money on that outcome. I’d use a real money wager, but I’m not in the top 1 percent at present like some others are who have made such bets in the past.

Robert Allen Schledwitz