, Newburyport, MA

October 27, 2012

Obama should answer for 'Benghazigate'

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the Editor:

Nero is infamous for fiddling while Rome burned. History has understandably branded him as a sick, unfit leader, an ultra-egoist in a place of unchallengeable power. In the 21st century, a “ruler” doesn’t need a fiddle; he simply gets on his airplane, flies to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. The next day he travels to Denver for more fund raising and then back to Washington late in a day to attend another political function.

The day this started (9/11), we learned that Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were slain on American soil in our Benghazi Consulate. While State Department personnel were in real-time communication with the Consulate during the terrorist attack, the next day the White House blamed an American produced film preview as the catalyst for upheaval in the Mideast/North Africa, and Benghazi was part of this unrest. By the time the president left for his fund raiser he had to have been briefed on what had actually occurred by state.

Yet, he continued to push the story of the blame rested with the film, not terrorists. A few days after this, the president and secretary of state allowed UN Ambassador Susan Rice to go on five networks to blame the film maker. Then, the government arrested him. The president told the same story in a UN speech. He then spent $70,000 of taxpayer money to run ads in the Mideast apologetically blaming the film. With the secretary of state, he attended the arrival of the remains of the four fallen men and lied to their families and Americans about the cause of this sacrifice.

Finally, the truth has started to come out via leaks and Congressional testimony. As in Watergate, the question now is: “who knew and when did they know it”? Like Watergate, (1) there is a large cover-up happening, (2) there’s a stall to get through general election before too much information can go public, and (3) crimes have been committed. Unlike Watergate, people have died.

The president claims he didn’t know about what had happened. It’s probable that President Nixon had no real time knowledge of the underlying Watergate break-in; he abetted the cover-up. Obama did it because of its potential to hurt his re-election bid. The buck stopped at Nixon; it should stop at Obama!

Bill Parker