, Newburyport, MA

December 28, 2012

Talk of major gun control is foolish

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I’m going to give you three examples why this talk about major gun control or a total gun ban is as foolish as the witch trials of the 1700s.

First of all, within the last day or so, there’s the story about the person in Webster, N.Y., who had just got out of prison from killing his grandmother with a hammer. Who set his house on fire and while the firefighters were responding, he shot four of the firefighters, killing two of them and a responding police officer was wounded as well, then the suspect killed himself. The suspect in the killings of the two firefighters has a sister whom he didn’t particularly like who is among the missing, too.

It’s obvious that after spending time in jail, this suspect had some mental issues, yet the state in their wisdom let this person out of jail. This person didn’t even have a firearm and he killed his grandmother.

Also, if this person just got out of prison, who gave him access to a firearm? It’s not the public’s fault that the authorities or whoever let this person have access to guns. Why should I and other law-abiding citizens be punished for the actions of either the state or irresponsible behavior?

When the shooter in Newtown, Conn., went on his killing spree, he too had psychological issues. His mother supposedly took him to the local gun range and taught him how to shoot. Somehow, he either knew where the keys to the gun cabinet were or she had the guns in a unlocked area for him to have access to. If she was trying to bond with him or give him an activity that would occupy his mind, she could have given him piano lessons or something.

However, during his school years people knew that he had issues, yet in my opinion the state and school officials just sort of passed him on to others. This is the typical liberal method of operation; when dealing with unpleasant situations, they let others deal with problems that they should be dealing with themselves. Then they blame society for their own lack of responsibility.

In New York, there’s the story about the person waiting at a subway station killing another person after he was run over by a train after he was pushed onto the tracks. The suspect in the subway murder is a homeless person, who obviously has psychological issues.

It is a fact that the state, and it doesn’t really matter which one in my opinion because they all go along with pressure from civil libertarian groups such as the ACLU to allow people with psychological problems even if they are a serious safety threat to themselves and the general public to remain uninstitutionalized and on the streets of our towns and cities.

As intended, the founders of the U.S. Constitution added the Second Amendment, which gave us, the general public, the right to carry and bear arms for the protection against an unruly, irresponsible, oppressive state. Therefore, let the Constitution do its main job and protect us.

Mike Tyson