, Newburyport, MA

January 10, 2013

NRA plans face same obstacles as a hotel

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Your recent story, “Karp floats plan for hotel,” on Jan. 3 brought up an interesting point. Mayor Holaday was quoted as saying that there would be opposition to a waterfront hotel plus environmental and flood plain issues on the waterfront. My question is this: How is a hotel on the waterfront with environmental and flood plain issues any different than having condos and stores and restaurants on NRA property with the same environmental and flood plain issues any different?

Also, do residents of the city realize that the present NRA waterfront plans call for the removal of a large potion of the west side of the waterfront park, a park that was built with federal and state (taxpayers’) money? Even if we are gaining some land near the water, that land is dictated by the state’s Chap. 91 protection.

The NRA plan also is misleading as the buildings that are shown in the NRA plan are larger and taller than the Merrimack Landing Building that is across the Street, as tall if not taller than the hose tower on the Firehouse.

Remember, when the mayor first ran for office, she was quoted as saying that as mayor she would not allow any buildings on the NRA central waterfront property. What changed her mind?

Don Pollard