, Newburyport, MA

January 16, 2013

Islanders deserve truth about water system problems

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Think that water break at your shut off valve broke by chance? Think again!

At some point every shut off valve on Plum Island on the street side will let go. It’s true! Newburyport officials from the mayors office down have known about this for months. Call them and you will get a prepared statement. That is correct a memo has been sent out (Newbury Town Officials even have it) to give the public a specific answer only.

The company that installed the water pipes left out a small piece (or used the wrong one) that connects to your shut off valve. This company is now out of business. Imagine! So who pays for this problem? All water/sewage rate payers? Just islanders through the extra $43 service fee added on to every bill? Will this fee increase to do this? Damage to your property? Repaving the driveway? The basement floods, your electricity is on and you step into the water? Zap! The furnace goes out and carbon monoxide builds up into the house? If one is to sell their home, must the seller disclose this problem to the buyer? The city/town are obligated to give islanders answers.

For months I have tried to get these answers. I have been painted as starting rumors but the city did not plan on my brother’s shut off valve breaking. Islanders are paying a betterment fee. Our properties are supposed to be for the better to a better or improved condition.

Looking for a paper trail? Good luck! Not only are connection pieces missing so is paperwork regarding the water project. Oh no an information leak...

Daniel F. Mahoney