, Newburyport, MA

November 22, 2012

Thanks for making Point Shore House Tour a success

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

During this Thanksgiving season, the committee for the Point Shore House Tour extends our heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to all who helped make this fall’s tour a success for the second year in a row. As you may know, the event benefits the Union Congregational Church Restoration and Preservation Alliance. The money derived from the fundraiser helps preserve and maintain the landmark iconic church in our beautiful and historic neighborhood. It has become a wonderful partnership between generous neighbors and church members who have diligently cared for their structure for many generations, but dwindling numbers made it difficult to keep up with the demands of the antique buildings.

There are so many who helped in one capacity or another that it is difficult to find the words to thank everyone. Due to space limitations we cannot name everyone individually, much as we would like to. More than 500 people had tour tickets and enjoyed the fruits of an amazing amount of work that was done prior to and during the tour on Oct. 13. Special thanks to all the wonderful homeowners who graciously opened their lovely homes for the tour; without their generosity, we wouldn’t have had the tour!

To all of our friends who let us place lawn signs on their properties in Amesbury and surrounding towns to advertise the tour in advance, to all the individuals and businesses who paid for ads in the brochure, to Graham McKay and Lowell’s Boat Shop, Larry Lingley and Gremlin Transportation, to the Bailey family for allowing parking on their land and to Anna and Kenny Bailey and their friends Chili Dowd and Ethan Johnson for the hearty food and drink table, to Diane Knight and Dottie Johnson and all their helpers who made delicious box lunches, to the following organizations who donated food for the lunches: Cider Hill Farm, The Old Town Bread Company (Rowley), Cindy Tessimond, Denise Dennis, Mary Carol Fowler and Amesbury Sports Park, to Seaport Sign Works, to all the volunteers who manned the ticket and food tables, and to all the hosts and hostesses at the 10 houses throughout the day — shift after shift, to those who went door to door selling advertising space and distributing fliers, for the excellent graphic talent of Carol Glenn, to The Daily News and Katie Lovett for writing about the tour and to other periodicals for listing it in their calendar of events to help spread the word, to WNBP for air time, to Linda Wallaga for on time deliveries and Jensi Rogers an Marc Lisle for use of their property, to each and every one of you we extend our deepest thanks.

May you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, knowing that you have all helped this special community. We thank you all.

For the committee:

Sally and Jim Chandler

Carol and Joe Finn

Carol Glenn

Diane Knight