, Newburyport, MA

March 4, 2013

Time to come to grips with global warming

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Is this the final showdown? It’s unlikely that we will get a second chance to halt global warming if we don’t come to grips with the consequences now.

Yet a top priority for a group called Donors Trust is to funnel money to global warming denial groups. Tens of millions of dollars are collected from such people as billionaire Charles Koch for the purpose of convincing the public that there is no such thing as global warming and in discrediting any person or group that warns against global warming. The intent is to show that there is no need to regulate fossil fuels or fossil fuel emissions, no need to halt the Keystone XL pipeline debacle, no need to develop alternate fuel sources. (For more on Donors Trust, search articles by Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian’s U.S. environment correspondent, interviewed on Democracy Now! 2/19)

The oil and gas industry, the military, the chemical and mining industries all have a stake in ignoring what the majority of scientists have determined is the reality of global warming. It seems that for the sake of short-term profit, industries are ready and willing to destroy all life on earth. In addition to the destruction of ecosystems and extreme and debilitating weather events, endlessly polluting wars are waged to gain control over and exploit the resources of other nations, whether by invasion or covert operations or installation of puppet regimes. It is hard to imagine how people so successful at making money can be so stupidly blind to the true costs of their greed. Apparently they have no children or grandchildren to care about.

And what’s on the bright side? Millions of people who see what is happening and are willing in countless ways to work toward ending the fossil fuel stranglehold and developing ways of living on earth that are in balance and harmony with natural forces. Will this mean a tremendous change in the way life is lived? You betcha. But if we don’t get it, if we don’t work to restore the earth to its original state of richness and abundance and life-supporting capacity, then it’s over for all of us, and for no good reason. (, The Sierra Club, Earthjustice, the Pachamama Alliance and Audubon are just a few of the many fine groups to join and support.)

D. Philip