, Newburyport, MA

October 22, 2013

I'm ready for a change in Amesbury

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Times have been tough over the past few years, but Amesbury has fared worse than surrounding communities. The tax rate is one of the highest in the state, our schools are underperforming while property values suffered more in Amesbury than surrounding communities.

I’m excited to have a strong candidate, Ken Gray, offer his experience and expertise. Ken will help Amesbury begin to achieve its true potential. I have no doubt that both candidates want Amesbury to be successful, but after 8 years in office, I’m ready for a different way of getting the vision materialized. A mayor who recognizes and acknowledges that the tax rate does matter is a step in the right direction.

We need a mayor who will set high expectations and drive improvement in the schools. The recent MCAS and SAT scores, although just one measurement of student achievement, are not acceptable. Strategic planning in our schools is lacking. How long do you stay the course when the results are unacceptable? Amesbury has a chance to move forward and do better for its citizens. That’s why I’m excited to vote for Ken Gray. I think people would be surprised what can be done in Amesbury with skilled and competent leadership.

Eight years is enough. Please join me and elect Ken Gray for the next mayor of Amesbury.

Brian Amero