, Newburyport, MA

October 28, 2013

Vote for Kinsey; she listens and responds

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

My husband and I are writing in support of Meghan Kinsey’s campaign for city councilor at-large. While we are Newbury residents and unfortunately cannot vote in the election, I fully support her candidacy, as any positive changes in Newburyport have an impact on Newbury residents and the residents of surrounding towns.

I have had the honor of crossing paths with Meghan Kinsey several times through my three-plus years living in this area. The first time was at the Ask event benefiting the technology initiative of the Newburyport Education Foundation in October 2010. We were new to town and knew only a handful of people. She graciously met us at the door and was very welcoming. The next day I saw her in the deli line at Market Basket and was going to thank her for her work and the success of the previous evening; however, she had a swarm of people around her and I realized that people gravitate toward her. She is captivating. She listens. She responds.

I can tell you about the barre classes that she taught with such enthusiasm and professionalism or I can tell you about the times I have seen her with her three sons and what a patient and caring mother she is. But where I feel the greatest connection with Meghan is that we both share the honor of having been president of the Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club (formerly Newburyport Mothers Club). Many people think of the club as a place for parents to connect via playdates and club parties (which is true); however, there is so much more to being president than deciding what day of the week to hold a playdate or what type of candy to give out at the Halloween party (and yes, we put a lot of thought into every decision that is made!). The Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club is a 501c7 nonprofit and running it is no small feat. Meghan was responsible for managing an extensive budget, maintaining a presence in the community, responding to members’ requests and, perhaps most importantly, being a conduit for the membership to the community at large.

What makes Meghan stand out to us is how engaging she is. When you speak to her, you feel like you have 100 percent of her attention. While she has her own opinions and beliefs on certain issues, she is always willing and eager to hear all sides and to address concerns from everyone, not with only those whose ideals align with hers.

Kelly Marshall and Gerald L. Celano