, Newburyport, MA

October 29, 2013

Lanphear knows the value of money

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I urge my fellow voters to choose Lyndi Lanphear for council at large for one reason: She understands where money comes from.

Some of the candidates have jobs as teachers or organizers or work for nonprofits. Honest work, of course. But give me the councilor who knows how tough it is for the rest of us to turn a profit.

Ben Franklin advised that if you would learn the real value of money, try borrowing some. George McGovern, a heroic pilot in WW2, a senator, a presidential candidate and a liberal’s liberal, recently wrote a startling confession in the NY Times. He said that he spent a lifetime in Congress writing strict laws and regulations for business owners to follow or else. When he retired from politics, he formed a partnership to open an inn and conference center in Connecticut. He said the business failed in less than two years because of all the red tape. In the editorial he apologized to business owners everywhere, saying he regretted writing laws whose impact he didn’t understand. Well, I say it was too little too late.

We taxpayers are going to be hit with a massive property tax increase at the end of this year. Water bills have doubled or tripled. Public employee unions seeking raises have encountered very little opposition from the City Council. We still owe on the library building and several others. And one of the new schools we have yet to pay for wants $300,000 to put a clipper ship tile mosaic on the floor. Really?

We need people on the council who appreciate the value of other people’s money, and we need them now.

K D Chambers