, Newburyport, MA

October 30, 2013

Vote for Sullivan, Lanphear on Nov. 5

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Dick Sullivan is for an open waterfront with no non-park-related buildings. He has not taken and will refuse campaign donations from NRA members or officials.

He has never flip-flopped on the waterfront issue. His stance has always been the same. No private development on the waterfront and no sale of waterfront property, period!

You can trust Dick Sullivan to protect our waterfront.

Dick has had a long career in public service, from his military stint in the Navy through his job as a Newburyport firefighter, where he represented his fellow firefighters as their union representative.

Elected to positions on our School Committee and City Council, he served with dignity and grace, never, however, neglecting his responsibility to ask the hard questions about where and how the taxpayers’ hard-earned money was being spent.

Dick has championed an open government. Recent activity regarding the problem-filled Plum Island water and sewer system would still be being kept secret by the current administration if Dick Sullivan had not stood up for the citizens of Plum Island and demanded transparency.

We the citizens and taxpayers of Newburyport deserve a city government that serves us and our best interests, not the closed, fiscally inept, special interest-serving administration that currently occupies City Hall. Let’s protect our “crown jewel,” the central waterfront, and put the city back on the right track!

Please join me on Nov. 5 in voting for Richard Sullivan Jr. for mayor of Newburyport.

Lyndi Lanphear is well qualified to be one of our five councilors at-large.

She has been involved in community affairs for at least 30 years in Newburyport.

Recently she co-chaired the successful “Say No to LHD” grass-roots movement that protected homeowners’ rights and won a huge majority of city councilors’ votes as well as gathering over 1,000 signatures of registered voters and Newburyport citizens across the city.

Lyndi doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk as well. She attended almost every LHD study committee meeting over the last two years, gathering information and representing the silent majority of Newburyport citizens.

Lyndi supports an open waterfront and means it when she says, “No non-park-related buildings, no commercial or residential development on our waterfront.”

Lyndi has a tremendous amount of financial and business experience that will be a real asset on the City Council.

She is a strong supporter of our public schools and is the wife of Dr. Kevin Lanphear and the mother of two children, David and Jennifer.

Lyndi is a person that you can trust. When she gets involved in a problem-solving situation, no one works harder than Lyndi to find compromise and common ground between opposing sides.

I am voting for Lyndi Lanphear on Nov. 5 and I urge all Newburyport voters to do the same.

We need the strong, fiscally responsible, dedicated, independent voice of Lyndi Lanphear on Newburyport’s City Council.

Lawrence Cavalieri