, Newburyport, MA

October 30, 2013

Cronin enthusiastic, dedicated

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I first met Bob Cronin when he ran for his seat as Ward 3 city councilor four years ago. Since then, he’s proven himself as a responsive representative of our neighborhood who truly makes it feel like that: a neighborhood.

Bob is extremely proactive in sharing information about our city, Ward 3 and topics stemming from his position as chair of the public safety committee, member of the budget and finance committee and City Council representative on the parking advisory committee. He communicates regularly with residents with advance notice of issues that are expected to be discussed at various meetings and thorough recaps of those topics and next steps.

Bob’s dedication to seeing things through has resonated with me strongly. A couple years ago, I was concerned about the state of the sidewalks near my house, which were hazardous to the people of all ages who walk by to get to Kent Street Playground. It was not a straightforward process to get them repaired, but Bob was persistent in making it happen. I was beyond impressed with his dedication and willingness to advocate for our neighborhood safety.

Most recently, I’ve been in correspondence with Bob regarding needles found at Kent Street Park and other parks and public spaces around our city that reflect drug use. As a parent, this is obviously a very stirring issue. Bob has taken this concern to heart, leveraging his experience in law enforcement and his position on the public safety committee to make sure the city addresses the problem swiftly.

I frequently email Bob regarding things that could be addressed around our city. I joke that he must be sick of hearing from me yet again, but my communications are consistently met with enthusiasm and dedication. He reminds me that he wants to hear from people. Bob has an unwavering desire to keep communication open so he can represent the citizens of Newburyport to help our city reach its fullest potential.

When it comes to the issue of the waterfront, I’ll be the first to admit Bob and I don’t necessarily see eye to eye. He opposes private development of the NRA land while I’m open to the latest plans containing a park and mixed-use property. However, it’s vital in this election that the citizens of Newburyport don’t base their votes solely on whether a candidate’s views on “big-ticket” items align neatly with their own. To do so would be short-sighted. Certainly, things like the waterfront and parking impact our lives, but there are many other issues that affect our city, like drug use and overall public safety. Let’s look at the bigger picture when we cast our votes.

The success of our city is contingent on how our leaders listen and respond to those they represent across a wide variety of issues. For me, Bob Cronin has a proven track record of doing just that. He’s a perfect choice for Ward 3 and that’s why he has my vote.

Annelise Grant