, Newburyport, MA

October 30, 2013

Kinsey is awesome -- and a great motivator

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

As a resident of Newbury, I am unable to vote in Newburyport’s upcoming election, but as a lifelong resident of this community, I felt compelled to add my thoughts regarding Meghan Kinsey’s candidacy for councilor at-large.

I will begin by saying that brevity is challenging for me, but I will try. I have had the pleasure of knowing Meghan Kinsey for close to 10 years; our paths have crossed on many levels. I have shared social, professional and student/teacher relationships with her over these years and have constantly been in awe of and inspired by the commitment, energy and passion she gives to all that she involves herself in.

Her energy is contagious and motivating. People often ask me of Meghan, “How does she do it all? How can any one person (never mind a mom of three young boys) possibly accomplish all that she does and not have something slide?” I do not have the answer to that question … but I do have the response that she just does.

I felt the need to share a cute story. One day last week my son, a third-grader, blurts out, “Meghan Kinsey is definitely going to win the election!” I reply with, “Why do you say that, Braeden?” “Because she is so nice, she is awesome!” he replies and then proceeds to tell me all of the levels of awesome: awesome, awesomer and awesomest. My husband and I are apparently the “awesomest” ... but Meghan is close behind.

I will add that this statement came from my child who can get frustrated with my numerous conversations in our travels around town. More often than not, patience is tested as I chat and my arm is pulled to get going. However, long before Meghan even began her campaign, I was in town with Braeden. It was he who spotted her from afar. “Mommy, there’s your friend from yoga (his version of barre)!” I cracked up that he actually pointed her out to me and, without resistance, led me to her, clearly proving that she is even engaging to young children.

Seeing her signs all around town now, my kids refer to her as “my famous friend.” They are fascinated by her, she has made a very positive impression on them. Obviously her candidacy is based on more than just being nice and awesome, but I do consider words that are spoken from the mouths of babes as clear, accurate findings of just how things are. They say it like it is: Meghan is awesome and nice.

Yes, I will support those statements for sure but back them with my knowledge of her in all capacities stated above. While I am lucky enough to call her a friend, Newburyport is even luckier to have a woman like this with such a vested interest in making the community the best one it can be. She does not just dream, she puts her dreams into action. Her natural gift of motivating people and teams is a powerful tool that can only benefit this great city. Good luck to all the candidates, but especially to Meghan.

Kristin McDonald