, Newburyport, MA

October 30, 2013

Holaday's track record speaks for itself

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

In just a few days Newburyport will make a critical decision about its future and the type of leadership it wants at the helm of our city government. Given the importance of this mayoral election, we felt compelled to add our voices to those who have already made the case that Donna Holaday is the best candidate and should be returned to office to continue the steady, proven leadership she has demonstrated throughout her tenure.

While many like to focus solely on the future of the waterfront, it seems prudent to consider the bigger picture. First, it is the NRA (rather than the mayor) that is charged with determining the future of the land it holds in trust. Second, there are no shortage of other pressing issues facing our city that will demand the time, energies and expertise of our next mayor.

Overseeing the city’s multiple ongoing construction projects (completion of the sewage treatment plant on Water Street, the new Bresnahan-Nock/Molin-senior/community center projects), repairs to the Plum Island jetty, repair of city sidewalks and careful management of the city’s budget are just a few of the vital issues that will demand the attention of our next mayor.

In seeking to develop a practical and financially feasible plan to replace and repair our crumbling schools and also to get a long-awaited senior center approved, Mayor Holaday extended a listening ear to residents from all over the city, local and state elected officials and construction and engineering firms. Her solid relationships on Beacon Hill are an asset to this city, maximizing state contributions to the vital projects described above while offsetting the cost burden on residents.

Mayor Holaday’s track record speaks for itself. A short list of her concrete achievements include development of new revenue streams to pay for the types of street and sidewalk repairs that residents have been waiting for, for years, strengthening of the city’s budget position by diligently keeping operating expenses down and finding grant money to help defray the costs of programs critical to the city’s day-to-day operations.

When you view the record, the only choice on Nov. 5 is Donna Holaday for mayor.

Margaret Stewart

Terry Rooney