, Newburyport, MA

October 30, 2013

Time for meaningful change in Amesbury

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

As I see it, this mayoral and council election cycle pits those residents whose prime objective is to get our residential taxes under control against those with commercial or other financial objectives who prefer the status quo. We are all “Pro Amesbury” in our objectives. The problem is that those who have aligned themselves with this PAC could more accurately be called Status Quo Amesbury. It is time for meaningful change.

As Ken Gray has said, this administration has preached commercial/industrial tax growth for years with very little to show. Let’s ask them about their projections for the huge Terrasphere project and their projections to relieve the tax burden on residential taxpayers. Remember that? How is this city going to be impacted by the Bailey Pond/Fafard development which this administration should have voided? Remember the soccer fields that were to be built on the landfill at the corner of Route 150 and Hunt Road? The grassy hill is surely an inprovement over the dump; however, the stack of vent pipes and the unleveled area is a long way from the promised soccer fields. While I applaud the idea of developing the Lower Millyard I can’t help but note that residential taxpayers will shoulder the disproportioned burden of the expense while a couple of our commercial taxpayers will be rewarded with the major gains in their own real estate values. One might look at those who have been Kezer campaign donors to see if there might be a correlation.

Vote for those like Eric Bezanson and Donna McClure who have shown the courage and ability to save unnecessary expense while driving for excellence. We deserve an Amesbury that compares favorably with surrounding towns. We need major change in November.

Jim Chandler