, Newburyport, MA

July 24, 2013

US doing its best to help China dominate on world stage

As I See It
Richard Astukewicz

---- — In the election of 2012, Americans went to the polls and re-elected 90 percent of the incumbents into office. We have to be the dumbest people in the world. We put back into office elected officials who have created the financial, economic, social and moral problems the nation faces and now we expect these same failures to solve those problems. What were you thinking?

We re-elected a president to a second term who believes high-speed rail in Florida and California is needed to be competitive with China. If you believe that, I want to sell you the secret formula I have that transforms lead into gold.

Our president is now going to put a larger American presence in the Far East and the Pacific due to the rise of China’s power. He’s going to do this while he cuts the Pentagon budget by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. This president’s policy is leading down the road to mutual mass destruction.

China is being called our largest and biggest problem, a competitor for the leadership of the world. Guess what, America? You are building China. We purchase daily all those goods and products made in China and those American dollars build their nation. We borrow trillions from China and the interest we pay builds the nation we now deem an opponent on the world stage.

Yes, China has to be reckoned with. Last year China sent 83 million travelers into the world who spent $102 billion on the world stage. Its consumers rank as the No. 1 buyers of luxury products on the world stage. China’s banks hold the most foreign exchange reserves in the world.

While we continue to argue about the XL pipeline from Canada, China has become the largest investor in Canada’s oil and gas industry and exploration. How does that happen?

China has now become the largest investor in Australia’s coal, gas and metals boom and now 30 percent of its exports go to China. Two of our best allies, Canada and Australia, and China has become the leading investor in these two nations.

China has now become a leading investor in Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil, nations in our own hemisphere where we should be the dominant nation of investment.

Yes, China is a nation on the rise, a nation to be reckoned with and she’s not going to go away.

While China continues to invest worldwide in many nations, it also is doing something to sustain its continued economic and power rise on the world stage. Today, 300,000 Chinese study overseas in world universities and the greater percentage of them are right here in America at Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

China, it seems, has left no stone unturned; it’s rising rapidly on all levels of the world stage. What is amazingly a startling fact is how we are actually supporting China’s rise in power. We purchase all those China products with American dollars; we borrow billions from China to run our failed government and then pay back the interest in your hard-earned American dollars. And if that is not stupidity of the highest degree, then try this one: We, the United States of America, we are the world’s largest and biggest investor in China. We are building a nation to rival our power on the world stage. This is insanity.

The words of Lenin, “A capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him.”

We are told by our leaders that these cheaper imports allow Americans to live better. Tell that to the 7 million American poor, middle class, blue-collar workers who lost their manufacturing jobs over the last 30 years. This is your government in action looking out for our future, your future and the future of our children. You voted them into office.


Richard A. Astukewicz of Salisbury is a retired business manager.