, Newburyport, MA

April 1, 2013

Let the NRA finish their job

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

It seems that now everyone is getting into the act, defending themselves by writing letters expressing why they exist. Two letters were from the COW group and one letter from the chairman of the NRA. In both cases, they justified their existence. The difference between them was, and has been, constant criticism by the COWs against the NRA members for doing their job. As the NRA chairman said, we have a job to do in developing this 4 acres, and proud to serve voluntarily. Individuals who criticize generally do not put themselves in a position to be questioned.

Someone gave me a shot in a letter, stating I should feel that all persons, local taxpayers or not, should have a voice in our decision-making. He must be kidding, as he compared it to serving united in our armed forces in WWII. What a comparison! In addition, he also had me as the former veterans officer, and I was the Emergency Management director. Do your homework before you put it in print.

This problem, now over 30 years old, will someday be solved, and if you wish to make a comparison it didn’t take the Taj Mahal that long to create, so let our NRA finish their job, and please don’t put a community swimming pool on the vacant parcels, unless the COW population wishes to pay and maintain it.

Ralph Ayers