, Newburyport, MA

April 12, 2013

Too big a bill, Maher?

As I See It
Kevin Noa

---- — Well, well, it seems the champion of the left swallowed hard upon learning how Uncle Sam or rather, the tax man, is taking from his income. In a moment of weakness, Bill Maher, the atheist’s atheist, committed a cardinal sin and admitted on national television that the tax rate he is paying as a citizen of America and California is too high! This was after the queen of left, Rachel Maddow, had just given a diatribe about Paul Ryan. The left is saying that Ryan’s budget proposal would cut taxes on the wealthy and increase taxes on the middle class. That is true and besides, looking at the Ryan budget, it is clear none of his recommendations are going to happen. But I want to focus on Bill Maher’s dose of reality.

Upon the declaration made by Mr. Maher, Ms. Maddow’s glasses were far from rose-colored. As a matter of fact, one of the most precious moments for me was the dead silence that quieted the audience. The joyful clapping to all of dialogue to that point was rendered to hearing a pin drop. The camera never panned back to Ms. Maddow after Mr. Maher’s statement. It would have been nice to see her jaw drop.

Case in point is the hypocritical flaunting by those on the left, who want to tax the affluent, who Mr. Maher freely admitted are paying the lion’s share of the taxes in America. “Rich people actually do pay the freight.” But the gravy trains that Ms. Maddow and her disciples want the rich to pay will never make up for the out-of-control spending in America. Bill O’Reilly’s talking point memo on March 19 told of the crisis in Cyprus and other European countries teetering on bankruptcy. Where Cyprus pondered skimming 10 percent off every citizen’s bank account to pay down their massive debt, would that be fair? Mr. O’Reilly pointed out what the Progressive Caucus, made up of all Democrats, would like to see the rich’s tax rate raised to 49 percent. Now add in California’s state income tax of 13 percent. How would Bill Maher like that?

When professional golfer Phil Mickelson complained about the high tax rate he has to pay in California, he was met with criticism from the left. For Bill Maher, however, the left has been as quiet as a gallery watching Phil Mickelson putt. By the way, Tiger Woods recommended Phil Mickelson move to Florida, where a great number of PGA touring professionals live, because Florida has no state income tax. In the coming years, I believe you will see more and more people move to states where tax burdens are less severe.

The nanny state of America is beginning to show its consequences. And the penalty for those with higher incomes is lighter wallets and pocketbooks due to the tax burdens and out-of-control spending, especially in dark blue states like California and New York. Bill Maher can look right to President Obama, Governor Brown and all the other Democrats when he sees his pay stub or income tax return. Bill Maher made his liberal bed; now he has to sleep in it.


Kevin Noa of Merrimac is a writer, author and teacher in the Lowell public schools.