, Newburyport, MA


July 16, 2014

A frustrating, unsafe intersection

To the editor:

The Newburyport intersection at Route 110 (Storey Avenue), Low Street, Woodman Way is one of the most dangerous, frustrating, unsafe intersections in the whole city.

We have been taxpayers here for over 50 years, owned our own home and owned a family business for over 100 years. We recently bought a small condo at 5 Woodman Way and have lived here for three years. We are aware that Woodman Way is a private road well kept up and plowed beautifully all winter with private funds. We all deserve rights, we all pay heavy taxes to the city, we all go to work daily to pay taxes to the city and state.

Many residents, hundreds at Woodman Way and Clipper Way, are frustrated and angry. We have to wait three to four turns before the traffic lights turn our way.

Police advised that in order to trigger the lights that we back up a bit. What if there is a car behind us? There is no other way out of Woodman Way and Clipper Way for hundreds of cars daily.

Opposite Woodman Way there is a sign telling drivers not to turn on a red light; it is not visible when hidden by tall vehicles such as trucks, vans or SUVs. One way for drivers to turn right is to go through Dunkin’ Donuts’ private parking space to get to Storey Avenue toward I-95. Not the best solution.

A section of Storey Avenue, Route 110, has recently been zoned for business by this city; there are large concerns hoping to build huge complexes here that would add to the traffic problems.

Coming from Low Street, at a rise, trying to cross the intersection toward Woodman Way, the yellow light is not long enough to make it over. Police claim one goes through a red light. Of course it is red by the time you get there!

Personal experience: Either to be rear-ended or cause a collision, Newburyport police ticket of $105, did not drive through a red light.

There is one other intersection that compares with this one located in downtown Moscow, Russia. Been there, personal observation!

We should be able to do better for an American city and state. We don’t live behind the moon, or do we?

Gabriele and Theodore Atkinson


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