, Newburyport, MA

July 17, 2013

Supreme Court interprets Constitution, not the Bible

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

This letter is in response to the letter of Ron Johnson, “Darkness is destroying this country,” published in your paper July 1.

As a lifelong Christian and a past Sunday School teacher and deacon at the First Congregational Church of the Town of Rowley, I can well agree with the pastor that darkness is destroying this country. But, I am not so quick to place the blame with the Supreme Court. First, it is my belief that it is the sworn duty of the supreme justices to interpret, to the best of their ability, the meaning of the Constitution of the United States of America, not the writings of The Holy Bible, as infallible as it may be. I am sure that he would not be pleased if the justices used the Koran to render decisions on crucial matters; however, their decision on this matter might have been right up his alley.

I think that if one is to seek the blame for the darkness, one should start with organized religions, especially here in the United States, that have demonstrated very poor examples of acceptable behavior and leadership over the past millennium. As far as acceptable behavior goes, one of our major Christen organizations has allowed child sexual abuse to run rampant throughout its ranks. One of the other denominations allows at least one of its preachers to damn the United States of America from his pulpit. This same organization, that many of our local churches are affiliated with, donated money to a group that bombed our local armory and our beloved courthouse.

It must be extremely difficult for young people to know right from wrong when they see many of the people that they look up to doing things that they are being taught are unacceptable. If the religious leaders and government officials started doing and teaching the things that were once considered to be acceptable, maybe, just maybe, the country could become a little brighter.

Please don’t damn these good people of the Supreme Court as having no love for the Bible and no love for the country and no love for their own souls. I am sure that they pondered this decision with every possible reference to the Constitution and came up with a split decision that will satisfy one-half of the American people and anger the other half. Please apologize for your harsh words.

Jack Grundstrom