, Newburyport, MA

July 23, 2013

Keep the waterfront open

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

In response to a column by David Strand, July 13:

Does he know what NRA is planning? I don’t believe it. If he is so fond of Mark Richey’s windmill, church steeples, sailboats and scenes of salt hay on the Colby Farm, just picture three or four enormous apartment buildings at those sites, with all the parking and sewer problems that go with them. Then add three or four “little shops” surrounding them, and see what you come out with.

I walk on the waterfront every chance I can and I love to see the people enjoying the boats and the calm and the water; also the sometimes music and the happy children doing somersaults on the green. If this all is to be surrounded by three more buildings as tall as the tallest part of the Firehouse, not only will much of the sky and its light will be shut out, but the feeling of space and freedom and out-of-doors that we cherish will be gone.

Buildings and stores we don’t need in that sacred spot. State Street and Pleasant Street are full of them. You won’t even feel the breeze in town, it’ll be shut off! All this for a few measly dollars to feel fulfilled and like a CEO of a marketing company.

Try visiting the beautiful cities of Maine and their waterfronts — visit Kittery, Biddeford, Portland, Rockport and Camden. They are open to waterfronts, boat slips, hikes along the beaches. These are what attract visitors to come time and time again.

Let’s use our heads and keep our waterfront open.

Frances Sullivan