, Newburyport, MA

July 22, 2013

Leave Bresnahan name on the school

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

When I first heard about the proposed change in the name of the Bresnahan school I was shocked. Here was a man who personified education in Newburyport. When I was senior in high school, Francis T. Bresnahan had just got named principal. In his seven years in that position he elevated the school to new academic heights. Later when he was named the first assistant superintendent he was able to apply his skills to the entire city. As superintendent his ran a first-class operation.

I served on many teacher committees with him and I always admired his straight-forward thinking. I always knew where I stood with Mr. Bresnahan. If I did something good, he told me so. If I didn’t, I heard about that too!

The city of Newburyport honored this native son with the naming of the old Belleville school for him. Now it is totally incomprehensible why the idea of not continuing the name on the new building is even being discussed. Leave well enough alone. This name can easily encompass a vast structure just like the man did when he went from the high school to the whole city as educational leader.

Richard Doyle

Hampton, N.H.