, Newburyport, MA

April 25, 2013

Children's lives in danger from Thompson St. speeders

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I am a resident of Thompson Street in Amesbury. I have lived here for almost 30 years. When I bought this home, I thought I was moving into a quiet, residential neighborhood with a speed limit of 30 mph. A safe neighborhood to raise children, where they could play and ride their bicycles safely. Little did I know, it would turn into the “raceway from hell.”

My concern is that I have two special needs children and four grandchildren (with one on the way) in my household. My special needs children are unable to ride their bicycles safely up and down the street, on the right side of the road, and my grandchildren are not safe to play anywhere near the sidewalk, not to mention the other children in this neighborhood. They have all nearly gotten hit and killed. Not to mention the numerous cats of mine, over the years, that have gotten killed in this so-called 30 mph neighborhood.

I am requesting that speed bumps be installed onthis street immediately, especially now that the pavement is clear. The speeds increase when the pavement is clear. Believe me, signs” will not work. A person driving over the speed of 30 mph, in excess of 50 mph, does not stop to read a sign.

I feel I deserve this right as an American, who pays an enormous amount of taxes (over 30 years) to this community, the city of Amesbury. Once a tragedy happens, it is too late to repair life.

I will be waiting to see how high on the priority list life and safety is to the authorities of this city of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Barbara Pouliot