, Newburyport, MA

April 25, 2013

Violence, evolution, science and religion

As I See It
Bill Chatigny

---- — As we all grieve for those injured and mourn the loss of those killed in the Boston Marathon bombings, we find a stifling numbness inside our hearts and minds that will haunt us for a long time. I believe I can speak for all when I say to the families, our eyes cry with you and our hearts share your pain.

We once again ask why and how someone could perpetrate this senseless violence. Why did 8-year- old Martin Richard, 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, 23-year-old Lingzi Lu and 26-year-old Sean Collier have to die? Why did so many others have to suffer bodily harm? Questions we hope will be answered by our law enforcement professionals since the arrest of the alleged attacker. Even with answers, we’ll still be left with an emptiness of heart and mind because our compassion as rational human beings cannot fathom this violence.

Early reports say this may have been an Islamic jihad attack carried out by these Chechnyan men, the detainee being an American citizen. If Islamic jihad is confirmed, we must not blame Muslims. Islamic jihad is a sick ideology taught by radical lunatics. It’s not true Islam. Some politicians have already called out Muslims and want the attacker deemed an enemy combatant. American-born Adam Lanza murdered 20 children in Newtown, Conn., with an assault rifle. Why isn’t he deemed an enemy combatant? Let’s put the political hackery aside.

We all expect to live long lives. When our young die, it’s from illness, accidents or, in this case, violence. As to death, our imperfect bodies are only temporary hosts for the universal energy that gives us life. This energy connects us all. Our bodies live and die, but our energy, our spirit, is infinite. We will mourn the loss of these young people, and we can and will keep our strength in the knowledge that their spirits live on in a new life and forever in the hearts of their families, as well as all of us, because we are all connected in spirit through the universal energy that gives us life. This universal connection is why we grieve and mourn together. It is also why we stand in solidarity with one another. Without this connection, we would be uncaring automatons.

Our human condition is mired in happiness and sadness, wealth and poverty, war and peace, love and hatred, freedom and oppression, ego and humility. The universal energy that gives us life also gives us equality. No one spirit holds superiority over another as no human holds superiority over another. Until we understand that we’re all equal and replace ego with humility, which would result in ending greed, and the disparity of wealth and poverty, thus ending hatred, war and oppression, we will continually be asking why can’t we end the violence.

Moving forward, we must educate each other with science in the physical realm, and find a truthful universal understanding of the spiritual realm. Science is fact and our scientific knowledge has increased tenfold, whereas much of religious teachings are immature beliefs stuck in the dark ages. Our universal energy connects science and faith, yet we haven’t raised our consciousness high enough to understand it, because we can’t seem to move beyond 2,500-year-old dogma. We could understand it, and a few religious masters do, but that knowledge is only attained through deep meditation. Our intelligence as humans can be measured in thousands of years against a universe that is billions of years old. We humans are an evolution in progress that currently understands and uses only one-third of our brain.

One day we will fully understand the connection of our physical universe and our inner spirit, and we will be practicing equality and equity for all through ultimate knowledge, humility, peace and love, without judgment. At that time, our sadness and mourning will only be that of loss for those loved ones we’ll miss at the end of their long lives. Only knowledge through further evolution of science and spirit will make us pure in mind and spirit, resulting in the elimination of violence forever.


Bill Chatigny lives in Amesbury