, Newburyport, MA

March 12, 2013

Elect the people who will support taxpayers

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

She’s back! That’s right, Mayor Holaday supported Sarah White, past chair of the Local Historic Study Committee, to the existing Historic Commission last month. Sarah and her followers managed to divide the City of Newburyport as no one else in recent memory by insisting on their views of limited home ownership and desire to control privately owned homes through a failed Local Historic District fiasco. The Historic Commission continues to be very unpopular and this appointment can only hurt their already poor reputation.

I am hoping that the voters of Newburyport remember how little support Mayor Holaday gave to the 1,000-plus registered voters during the fight against an LHD and remember her continued support of Sarah White by helping to appoint her to the Historic Commission. I still do not know the final cost of the LHD to our city, which Mayor Holaday encouraged in legal fees and assignments she sent to the City Planning office, etc., trying to prop up the dying LHD. It’s surprising that Mayor Holaday would continue to appoint Sarah to yet another position of authority, especially during an election year. I thought she was a better politician than that.

All of the City Council members and the mayor will be up for re-election in November. The citizens of Newburyport deserve to have representation in City Hall who are supporting, defending and listening to their voters and homeowners and not spending taxpayers’ money on small special interest groups. For an update of the history of the LHD fight, see Say No To LHD or Newburyport Watchdog on Facebook.

On the other hand, Dick Sullivan, our councilor at-large, has always acted upon what he believes, and he believes in the homeowners and citizens of Newburyport. He looked for the balance between preserving our beautiful architecture and protecting our personal property rights. He is a man of his word, which is a rare trait in the world of politics. Although I may not agree with everything Councilor Sullivan supports, he has proven himself to be a man of integrity, and I know he always tries to do what is best for the citizens of Newburyport.

Please remember, unless we change some of our present city councilors and mayor in the upcoming election, we run the risk of possibly losing our personal property rights again. As citizens we need to stay informed and involved, and at the very least, support candidates who support us.