, Newburyport, MA

June 9, 2014

Kayyem is best choice for governor

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:


I am for Democrat Juliette Kayyem for governor, because she has the Charlie card.

The Charlie card is the card the Democratic nominee for governor has to have to beat Charlie Baker, the likely Republican nominee, in November.

Kayyem has this card, because she is bold and is calling on Massachusetts to be bold as we face the challenges of the early 21st century; challenges like continuing to strengthen our state’s growing green economy; challenges like keeping our young people in school, rather than in jail; challenges like the climate crisis.

As a retired, career journalist, I appreciate what it means to be nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, so for Kayyem to have reached that pinnacle after just two years as a Globe columnist is amazing. However, for Juliette Kayyem, that’s her norm, because she excels at whatever she does and will expect Massachusetts to do no less.

There are four other candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor, and among them are candidates who have watched where the parade is going and jumped out in front of it, now that the Democratic State Convention is just a few days away.

However, Kayyem is a candidate who spelled out detailed plans months ago for how she will confront these crucial issues. She has been the drum major for preparedness, the drum major for justice, the drum major for action.

Hillary Clinton has said, “I really do hope we have a woman president in my lifetime.”

I say, we can have a woman governor in Massachusetts in our lifetimes.


John Harwood