, Newburyport, MA

December 5, 2012

Nothing new in anti-immigrant paranoia

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Readers of The Daily News have been treated again to the anti-immigrant rants of Kevin Noa (“Patrick wrong on in-state tuition for illegal aliens,” Nov. 26). In a prior letter, he predicted that an Obama win in the 2012 election would result in “continued killing of innocent Americans.” Now he fears they will get all the seats in our institutions of higher learning.

It was better to read, two days later, Hugh Kelleher’s appreciation for Dyke Hendrickson’s local immigrant series in this newspaper, his understanding of the history of immigration and the great good it has meant for our country.

As a son of immigrants, I resent Mr. Noa’s benighted views and regret that as a resident of Merrimac and a teacher in the Lowell Public Schools, he exports his notions to Newburyport.

If Mr. Noa is abused of the notion that his kind of paranoia is new to the U.S., he should know that in the 1880s, e.g., people like him went ballistic at the first great wave of Irish immigration, fearful that “Uncle Sam may be swallowed by foreigners,” in cartoons showing American citizens being devoured by Irish (and Asian) newcomers.

In his last letter, Mr. Noa took extra time to deride those who “voted straight Democrat on Nov. 6,” and that they will “get exactly what (they) deserve.” Clearly, he is unhappy with the results of that election, but let us earnestly pray that his field isn’t history, given that he is squarely on the wrong side of it.

John Burciaga