, Newburyport, MA

October 5, 2012

Ten issues you need to answer to vote

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the Editor:

This year we are facing the most critical election in our lifetime. Voters can’t do the research, which is their duty to do, but not by reading and/or listening to biased media. Certainly, 30-second ads are of little help. Do your own research. Here are some important issues you need to study before you vote:

1. Do you feel that Government is too large to efficiently and effectively spend the tax money you send them?

2. Both Presidential candidates have governed for four years; one with a legislature of the same party for two years and two with a split one. The other with an entire legislature from the opposition for all four years. Which one do you feel has shown the best ability to reach across the aisle to get needed legislation passed?

3. How much can you trust a life long politician to keep his word?

4. Do you know how much, both the Obama-care law and failure to extend the Bush tax rates will cost? What does the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate that the average tax payer will have to pay? Do you realize that the Obama-care law is tax rear ended to give the impression that the overall cost is lower for the first ten years? Do you know what this means for the middle class in 2013?

5. Forty-three percent of the population pays no federal taxes. What is their incentive to vote for a candidate who wants to overhaul the system? Would it be worth it to rid the system of most earmarked, crony deductions?

6. Based on the military executed attack and murder of our Ambassador Chris Stevens and three additional citizens in Libya, do you believe that the militant Islamists are still at war with us? Should we be passive in dealing with these villains?

7. Are you concerned that the current unrest in the Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East is going to escalate and lead to an area war? Is it probable in the next four years?

8. Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Do you feel that it is necessary, in the name of humanity, to destroy their construction facilities? If they do develop them, do you believe that they will, either through a surrogate or themselves, use these weapons to destroy Israel? Would they use them elsewhere, such as the USA?

9. If Israel is in danger of annihilation, do you think that the USA will keep a sixty year promise to support them?

10. Do you believe in the Constitution? Which candidates will defend it?

Finally, do you feel better off than four years ago, and do you feel safer from radical attacks than you did four years ago?

Richard L. Newton, Chairman

Amesbury Republican

Town Committee