, Newburyport, MA

October 7, 2012

False claims from Brown on insider trading bill

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Last Tuesday a video went viral showing Scott Brown supporters doing Native American war dancing, whooping and doing tomahawk chops, mocking the Warren supporters. This group included paid staff of the Massachusetts Republican Party and Brown’s own Senate staff. This incident is an indication of the snide, superior, racist attitude we’ve always suspected goes on behind closed doors in the Scott Brown inner circle.

My son from out of state called me first thing Wednesday morning to tease me about this. “Your taxpayer dollars are paying for this” (Senate staff salary). “Oh, so are yours,” I wittily responded. “Yeah, but you hired him,” came back at me. Hmmm …

Why does Scott Brown continue to make race an issue, still running ads on this, refusing to apologize for this incident, even after inappropriately observing in the debate that “she doesn’t look Native American”? As we’ve seen before, if you don’t have issues to run on, you can fall back on a smear campaign against your opponent.

Growing up in suburban Massachusetts it’s easy to see why someone who most likely thinks his ancestors go back to the Mayflower could be a bit vexed by the idea of someone being part Native American who doesn’t live on a reservation.

For Elizabeth Warren, raised in Oklahoma, told by her family members she was part Native American, that would seem believable. It’s at least believable enough to check off a box in a college form for heritage information.

If Mr. Brown is such a stickler for details, how do we explain this? I often see Scott Brown-approved ads bragging how he introduced a bill that got passed that makes illegal legislators’ insider trading. He did introduce a bill — it’s just that the one that got passed wasn’t his. It was Joseph Lieberman’s. In fact, lots of senators introduced similar bills that week, all looking for political gain after a public outcry due to a Sunday night “60 Minutes” airing of the issue. Brown’s bill was described as “hastily drafted” along with other flaws and put aside. The one that got passed wasn’t his. He knows that. What do we think: lies to the public — major character flaw? Not fit to be a senator? Maybe it’s time to unhire him.

Bruce Georgian