, Newburyport, MA

March 11, 2013

NH bill will have no effect in Florida

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Once again, Mr. Jackson of Grey2K USA lies about the impact of HB 564. Since New Hampshire cannot dictate regulatory policy to other states, this bill effectively prohibits Seabrook from receiving simulcast signals from 85 percent of the tracks it now carries.

Why would anyone believe that the New Hampshire Legislature could pass a law changing Florida’s racing regulation? Would New Hampshire abide by a law passed in Florida? The whole idea is patently absurd, and an illegal restraint of interstate commerce to boot. HB 564 will have absolutely no effect on Florida regulations.

The fact is that HB 564 will have one effect, and only one. It will kill New Hampshire jobs. It won’t change Florida racing regulations. It won’t benefit greyhounds. It won’t have any effect whatsoever on practices in other states. It will just eliminate the jobs of 150 Seabrook employees, plus dozens more at Rockingham Park.

It’s not surprising that Grey2K is pushing this bill, since Grey2K’s sole focus is the elimination of greyhound racing everywhere. But it is very hard to understand how any New Hampshire legislator could even endorse, let alone actively promote, a bill that puts the supposed interests of greyhounds in Florida ahead of the jobs of hundreds of New Hampshire residents and their families.

Karen Keelan

President, Seabrook Park