, Newburyport, MA

March 13, 2013

A Pop-Tart mountain or a Pop-Tart gun?

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Last week I heard a news story on N.J. radio station 101.5 FM claiming that a 7-year-old student in the Baltimore, Md., school system was given a two-day suspension from school because a teacher had thought that he was in possession of a dangerous weapon.

The teacher while monitoring the students during a recess period noticed that the student had shaped a Pop-Tart that he was eating into what the teacher thought was a loaded gun.

The brave teacher confronted the student, asking him what he was doing? The student replied that he was trying to shape his Pop-Tart into a mountain.

The teacher replied, “But it looks like a gun.”

She immediately went to the principal and informed him of the situation, after which he immediately had the student escorted by the police and they interrogated him about what he was doing.

After the interrogation the principal called the boy’s parents and told them that they were suspending the student because he shaped a Pop-Tart into a gun.

After some bad publicity the school principal said that he and the teacher followed correct procedures in the matter, but admitted that the student wasn’t really a threat.

My question to the local NEA (National Education Association), META (Massachusetts Education Teachers Association) chapter is how many of those half-day school workshops does a teacher have to attend before they’re qualified to tell the difference between a loaded weapon and a Pop-Tart that is shaped into a gun that was supposed to look like a mountain?

Mike Tyson